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Rebecca Miller - Author Photo.jpg

Rebecca Miller is a twenty-five-time award-winning author known for her sweeping debut novel Touch, a story about a fragile young relationship between two teens that boldly addresses a critical issue in society while also reminding us of the goodness that remains in the world.

Rebecca began her journey with these characters as a teen herself with a broad interest in psychology. She started penning their story later in life when their voices became too loud to keep quiet.

Rebecca’s path to becoming an author is unique, having been shaped by an early education setback that deprived her of the ability to read for a significant portion of her childhood. This challenge subsequently diminished any initial inclination she may have had toward writing. However, when the characters from Touch unexpectedly invaded her head one day with their compelling message, she recognized that failure was not an option. Allowing their story to unfold in her mind for over a decade, she finally put pen to paper in November 2005, despite lacking any prior writing experience. After a journey marked by learning curves, challenges, rejections, and an unwavering commitment to the belief that hard work, patience, and persistence would ultimately lead to success, she finally published Touch independently in April of 2021.

The entire process, from conception to publication, spanned a twenty-nine-year period, culminating in international recognition and widespread critical acclaim.

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