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  • Will there be a sequel to TOUCH?
    In the sixteen years it took for TOUCH to come to fruition, it has had many readers. The number one question asked, by far, is, "Is there another book?" There certainly could be. Drafts have been written. However, it remains a large question as to whether a sequel would be in the best interest of the story. TOUCH is meant to be a book with impact—to make the reader think. The fear is that if there is a sequel (which would undoubtedly answer some questions), the reader's curiosity would be quenched and they would no longer think as much about the original story—defeating the entire purpose of the book. As the author, I do know how the remainders of all of my character’s lives play out, and I would love to be able to share everything they go through to learn, grow, and strengthen to become the amazing people they're all meant to be. If I can find a way to do so without taking away from the original story, I would love to! It is, however, my job to know when to draw the line. Unfortunately.
  • Are the characters from TOUCH based on real people?
    The characters are not based on anyone I know personally. However, there are countless people in this world that I’m sure can identify.
  • Where did you get the idea for the story of TOUCH?
    I have no idea. Truly. It popped into my head one day and took me on as much of a ride as it does most everyone else.
  • Do you accept story/sequel ideas?
    Absolutely! I welcome them. Even though a sequel has been drafted, nothing is set in stone. If a sequel truly is in the cards, I want it to be the best it can possibly be, which may mean hearing other’s creative ideas.
  • Is there a movie adaptation for TOUCH?
    Not as of yet, though I am hopeful. I would love for someone to approach me about collaborating to write a screenplay.
  • What awards have you won for TOUCH?
    I love this question! I received so much rejection and felt like a failure for so long that I never expected to win any. The following are awards received as of May 2023: The Pinecone Book Award I 2021 The Pinecone Author Recognition Award I 2021 Literary Titan Book Award 2021 ǀ Silver Award The B.R.A.G Medallion I 2022 The Hawthorn Prize 2022 ǀ Shortlist American Writing Awards 2021 ǀ -Finalist in General Fiction -Finalist in Young Adult Fiction The Book Fest Book Awards 2022 ǀ -First place in Fiction > Young Adult > Social Themes -Second place in Fiction > Young Adult > Coming of Age -Third place in Fiction > Literary fiction > Coming of Age New York Best Sellers Award ǀ Gold Award for Literary Fiction American Fiction Awards 2022 ǀ Finalist in Coming of Age International Book Award 2022 ǀ Finalist in Young Adult Reader's Favorites Book Award 2022 ǀ Silver Award for Coming of Age The Kindle Book Awards 2022 ǀ Semifinalist for Literary Fiction IAN Book of the Year Awards 2022 ǀ -Finalist in Literary Fiction -Finalist in Young Adult /Teen Global Book Awards 2022ǀ Gold Award for Teen/Social and Family Issues Shelf Unbound Best of Indie 2022 ǀ Longlist Millennium Book Award 2022 ǀ Shortlist and Category Finalist Pinnacle Book Achievement Award I Best Book in the category of Literary Fiction The Wishing Shelf Book Award 2023 I Finalist in the Adult Fiction category Book Excellence Awards 2023 I Finalist in Young Adult Fiction CIBA International Book Awards I Semifinalist in the Literary Fiction category Independent Press Award 2023 I Finalist Firebird Book Award from Speak Up Talk Radio I -First Place in Teen -First Place in Realistic Fiction
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