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Critical Praise

"Readers will easily recognize Miller's fundamental coming-of-age story, but the rawness of her characters' suffering and the unforeseen plot curves add novelty." 

The BookLife Prize

"In Miller's heart-rending tale, both Megan and Shawn are vivid, psychologically developed characters. . . [the] plotline twists and turns unexpectedly, making for compelling reading. . ."

Kirkus Reviews

"A Tale of Emotional Reality. . . The personal trials of each character and how they deal with each one are delivered with a raw and sometimes bold sensitivity and caring that will resonate with fans of heavy drama."

Reader Views - five-star review

"The range of the topics explored and the way in which they are dealt with is everything. A must-read for anyone looking to feel as much as they can when interacting with characters."

Francisca M. | NetGalley

"Megan's Voice is unpolished, genuine, and irrefutably real - adding authenticity for readers who crave a more personal connection. . . a beacon of light."

The BookLife Prize

"Remarkable. . . An epic study of trauma and friendship, suspense, love, and family written with such intelligence and depth of perception that it will be one of the benchmarks against which all other novels that broach those subjects (and they are legion) will be measured."

The Reviewer | book blogger/Instagram book reviewer

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